3 for Thursday

February 18, 2016

1.Pic Kids

Pic Kids is Pic Collage for Kids and is perfect for elementary and middle school students. The app offers over 80 awesome backgrounds, hundreds of free stickers, and tons of fun fonts for making collages, posters, memes, etc... in a snap. This app is free and has no social features.

2. More Whiteboard Small Group Activities

Last week's edition of 3 for Thursday, featuring activities for students to complete independently at the interactive whiteboard, was wildly popular. Here are some more ideas to try:

Spin and Spell: This spelling game is awesome for primary students. Turn down the sound so as not to disturb other groups. Quite seriously, all you K-2 and ESL teachers, check it out!!

Silly Sentence Maker: Students make sentences by dragging nouns and verbs into boxes. Correctly formed sentences are rewarded with a picture. Great for subject-verb agreement and practicing fluency.

Graphing: Create a grid or select one from the resource library. Give students a box of objects (these can be real or place a set of objects on the flipchart) and have them collaborate to correctly create a graph of the objects.

SMARTboard activities: Did you know you could use those SMARTboard files you see all over Pinterest on your Promethean board? Simply download the file to your computer, open Active Inspire, then on the File menu choose Import/SMART Notebook File. Here's a Dice Roll and Tally Game and a Fraction Activity to experiment with. SMARTboard files can also be opened using SMART Notebook Express.

Word Search: Create your own word search using Dolch words or science and social studies vocabulary. Use the annotate on desktop tool to have students select the words.

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3. Task Cards

Task Cards provide a nice way of reinforcing skills and offering enrichment. Unlike worksheets, they can be used again and again. You can create your own to target specific skills or find a ton of them available online. It's a good idea to decide on an organizational strategy before investing time creating your collection. Browse here on Pinterest to learn more about task cards and check out this article from Tony Vincent on his blog, Learning in Hand. I love his idea for making audio task cards, but I do want to point out that the tool he references, Vocaroo, does not store audio files permanently. You can still use Vocaroo to record, but be sure to download your audio files and store them somewhere else, such as in Google Drive or Dropbox. Make the links public and create your QR codes with these links.
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