Bulldog Bites

The Official Newsletter of USD 311

Volume 1 Issue 5

Christmas Cheer!

Dress up days and special events filled the calendar during December! From door decorating contests at the elementary school, to multiple strands of lights in the hallways at the middle school, the kids were sure to find holiday cheer wherever they were. In addition, the elementary school did a December theme of giving and collected approximately 1,850 cans for donation to the local food pantry!
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Jessica Tercero and Sarah Goering were in the Christmas spirit from Day 1!

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COVID-19 Child Vaccination Information

KSDE, in cooperation with KCWK (Kansas COVID Workgroup for Kids), prepared a document to help educate parents about the child immunization now available. This is the result of their work.

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December at the Beach

I've never spent December at the beach... but this weather lately, well, I have really thought, "Wow! This must be what it feels like to be at the beach in December!" Most days this month have been gorgeous! Whether you celebrate at the beach, go to the mountains, or simply stay at home (and pretend to be at the beach!), I hope and pray you have a wonderful and safe celebration this holiday season.

December is a LONG, short month... Basketball is in full swing, so calendars are booked solid! Thank you for coming out and supporting our student-athletes at their games and for enjoying the good food at our concession stand! The groups doing

If you were lucky enough to find a seat at any of the music concerts in November or December, you saw an incredible show! Mrs. Gumble and Mrs. Ramirez were outstanding... and their students were incredible! From all the classic Christmas songs to fun songs thrown into the mix, it was an enjoyable night at each concert!

As we close this first semester, teachers have been focused on ending units and giving final tests. In addition, screening our kids to see their growth in mathematics and reading since the beginning of the year is also compiled this time of year! After the first of the year, we can process that data and make it available for everyone.

This next semester brings the anticipation of closing another chapter in May... there's a ton of work that goes into the months of January, February, March, April and May- it's going to be a thrilling adventure, so hold on tight as we gear up for more success from our Bulldogs!

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas season!

Thank you for being part of USD 311!

Ashley Anderson