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Window Replacement

A window serves two major purposes, besides others. First is that the person inside can have a good view of the outside world. The second is that the person outside can view whatever the person inside wants him to view, which may range from nothing to everything. Well, that’s what man might have first thought of, while inventing a window. But there are many more purposes windows are capable of serving. At Callen Construction, our remodeling company based in Milwaukee, we fully understand the significance of the window, and work on it day and night, because we know that the impossibilities are endless.

The view (both exterior and interior) is one of the most important things in windows, so we provide you with the most suitable options for both, depending on your needs. Feel free to tell us which neighbor you don’t want to let peek into your room and we’ll do it that way. Another issue that usually arises in such circumstances is that if you have one of the windows remodeled according to viewing preferences, it might differ from the others in look. Our specialty is that it won’t. We talk to you about your preferences beforehand, and in detail, and remodel each window in the manner that suits you the most. With EverWood, the wood-grain finish that can be designed to match your furniture inside, the window becomes very much part of the room as is the woodwork. And bullet-proof glass is like physical life insurance.

With rapidly changing climate in Milwaukee, it’s not easy to get the windows changed or remodeled every season. The good thing about the window remodeling services at Callen is that we have different operations for each customer according to their preferences going by the weather. The windows can be easily adjusted by the user according to the weather outside. Windows can be designed in such a way that there is maximum entry of heat and sunlight in winter and least in summer. And while maintaining their durability, the windows can be slid easily whether you want to open them up to feel the rains and closed as well if you do not like rains that much.

With the trust and professionalism that we have cultivated in our workers over the years, our work is the best you can ask of anyone. Our installation and manufacturing processes ensure that there is little wastage of material and no damage to the environment. All cleanup services before and after installation are our responsibility. There will be no damage during handling. The service is quick, long-lasting and spick and span. Undoubtedly the best in Milwaukee!

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Basement Optimization

The basement or lower level is the base of the house, and serves the same purpose as roots do in case of trees. And if we have a basement, what most of us do is dump all the old, useless and neglected stuff inside, and forgetting it for ages. But at Callen Construction, based in Milwaukee, we provide you with Basement Contractors, who will make sure that you maximize your basement in every possible way. You can store the stuff according to priority and frequency of use, have a pool arena, make a cozy living room and have a blast, all at the same time. Instead of having home away from home, you can have home within a home. That’s the beauty of the basement.

The first and most important thing that our basement contractors emphasize on is strength. A strong basement ensures long life and safety. Even buildings like the pentagon utilize the basement and underground levels for key operations. Space optimization is the next thing that our basement contractors work on. After having removed all the unnecessary stuff, or accommodating it elsewhere, you will actually find much more space in your basement than you thought it actually had. And if you are running out of ideas on how to utilize it, don’t worry, because our team of basement contractors contains some of the most innovative and creative people around.

The best thing about the basement is that however you may use it; it is a bonus extension to your house. But while our innovations are intelligent, we do most things feeling responsible towards environment as well. For example, we get in stuff that looks or feel wooden, but is actually not; so that it gives your basement a regal look, and save some of the trees as well. The climate of the basement, knowing that it will always be different from the above-ground floors, and the naturally humid climate in Milwaukee humid is controlled using intelligent-electricity saving installations that won’t make you feel that the basement is adding extra amount of charges to your bill.

The scope for maximizing the use of the basement is infinite and requires a lot of thought process and long-term planning. Our basement contractors in Milwaukee will assist you and help you take decisions at every stage of operation, so that it helps you in the long run. We provide you with experts, who have proved in the past that the basement has much more to itself than just a hollow junkyard, and still continue to do so.

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Roofing Contractors

Roofing is one of the many services offered by us at Callen Constructions. We want your roof to look beautiful and be useful at the same time. It has to be solid and good looking at the same time. Our roofing contractors do their best to give a new look to your building, so that your house is easily recognizable and unique. At the same time we offer options like replacing the cemented roof by glass at some places, or fully, according to your preferences.

Our roofing contractors in Milwaukee visit your home at your request, discuss your roofing preferences with you, and plan out a suitable design for your roof. Our service is top of the line and the best in the business. The follow up service is good, and customer satisfaction is 100% with excellent follow up. We guarantee you the best look with all kinds of different colors and exciting design patterns to choose from so that the roof doesn’t look the same boring old-fashioned one you might be thinking of.

In a place like Milwaukee, with unpredictable weather always an issue-though most of us love living in this unpredictability-the solidity of the roof is essential. Weather lightning strikes or heavens fall; the roof will protect you from all kinds of disasters which strike from the top. And the roof isolates you from extreme temperatures as well, so that even without full central air conditioning, you don’t have to shiver in the snow or suffer from heat during the peak of summer. The roofs would also protect you from any kind of radiation.

One of our many specialties is glass roofing. Our roofing contractors in Milwaukee analyze which part of the roof is best for installation of glass roofs. The glass can then be set at angles that support entry of sunlight. On days when you want to have complete fresh air, the roof can be opened up for ventilation. It can also be covered when sunlight is not needed, and you don’t want to expose your glass roof unnecessarily. And even if you forget to cover it, it’s not an issue-the glass used is weather proof.

Our roofing contractors will give your roof a complete facelift, and everyone at home will be happy with this new makeover. You would want to invite more and more guests, and your children won’t stop throwing up kiddy parties at home. Because most of the houses generally look the same, but it’s the roof that makes a difference.

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