Johnson's Plan

By: Nathaniel Schroeder

Johnson's Plan

He planned to make each state that seceded to be forced to take an oath into the Union. Also, those same states have to ratify the 13th Amendment and the generals and high ranking officials are not given pardons.

Freedman's Bureau

This was set up to aid poor white citizens and former slaves who are in need to set up there new lives. The Bureau was cut off by the congress when the white southerners were against the African Americans were gaining control in society.

Civil Rights Act 1866

The act granted citizenship and rights, that white males had enjoyed, to all male persons in the united states regardless of there race or previous connections. Johnson tried to veto the bill, but the Congress had overturned his decision and the bill became law.

Black Codes

These set of rules had racially separated the African Americans from the whit in public spaces.

Civil Rights: People of color were given more rights than they were given before the Civil War, but were still restricted from certain actions.

Vagrancy: People who forced hard labor on African Americans could be arrested and part of the law relied on this.

Apprenticeship: Business owners can forcibly make African American children work to the age of 21 or 18 depending on sex, and can inflict punishment on the worker, but has to support them.

Life after the Civil War

Life for African American after the Civil War was just slightly better with more rights. As the different organizations tried to help former slaves, the black codes would still force separation between race. Overall, the lives of the former slaves were no better after the war, because of all the pressure from their new lives.