A hurricane Sandy survivor story

awareness of the economic devastation

Awareness of the economic devastation

  • There were thousands of people left with no homes in the after math of the storm.
  • The government poured millions of dollars into the recovery effort the the cites that were hit the hardest
  • hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal belongings were either destroyed or lost during the hurricane. lots of pets were either left behind taken with them or died because of survival.
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Basic Storm Information

- Category/Category at landfall category 3landfall

- Amount of rain, wind speed, how long did it take for the storm to pass? 40+ wind speeed 2 to 3 inches of rain. 2-3 days to pass

- Areas affected west virginia, new york, maine and many other states

- Casualties killed 125 people in U.S 62 billion in damage

- Total damage cost 62 billion in US and 315 million in the caribbean

What should be done to help/change the outcome?

what should be changed is the alert system and the walls that protect the cites from those waves should be raised. The people that live on the coast should always be prepared for a hurricane or tsunami. So when one does come they will have the necessary items to survive and the time to get out of there in time before it hits.