Garrett Primary Alternate Friday

Kindergarten Teams

We will be meeting in planning room #113

We will be having our first 90 block for Kindergarten planning this Friday September 19th.

  • The first group that will meet will be Bilingual/E.S.L. @9:25-10:55.(Cullum, Hammack, Page, Cochran, Adams-Williams)
  • The second group will be PACK @12:30-2:00.(Lundh, Collins, Brewer-Lawson, Pierce)


  1. Principal Info. and impt. dates
  2. How to get reports from Istation-Classroom Summary
  3. Suggestions for Guided Reading Notebooks
  4. Speed Decks from Neuhaus
  5. Volunteers for guided reading lesson video
  6. Concerns/Suggestions/Questions about new curriculum
  7. Planning-Preferences, Direction, Suggestions
  8. Upcoming units
  • Science and Technology
  • Me and You