Technology Double Shot!

A double shot of technology information every Tuesday

This Double Shot brought to you by 5th Grade Teacher Sara Ballon!

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This month in aviation history

1919 - 1st transatlantic flight take-off by a navy seaplane

1926 - 1st flight over North Pole (Bennett & Byrd)

If a field trip to the museum isn't a possibility for your students, The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum does offer thirteen good online exhibits. Click on the link for more info about cool stuff for your Social Studies or Science curriculum, including The story of human exploration of the Moon by the United States and How Things Fly, which features an interactive module in which students design their own airplanes.

First Shot: Send an e-mail to your future self!

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Perhaps you've had your students write letters to their "future selves" in years past. Now, you can have them set up an e-mail to be delivered to their inbox at a future date. Students can write reminders and inspirational words to themselves, what they did or didn't like about school, and goals that they have for themselves. You can also do this at the beginning of next year for students just starting your class.

Second Shot: Mani, Pedi, Techie?

NailO: A thumbnail-mounted wireless trackpad

Talk about wearable technology...

Two MIT Media Lab researchers are developing nail art decals that will double as touchpads to control your phone or laptop with a single swipe. A thumbnail decal holds a thin, multi-layer trackpad that uses BLE Bluetooth technology to sync up the wearer’s swipes and taps to other digital devices.

Like regular nail decals, the product has a fashion element, and different designs will be available for purchase. The idea is that the battery will be rechargeable, keeping the decals reusable, but a projected low price point could allow users to buy multiple designs to match their every mood and outfit. How low is low? They estimate $10, should they be able to secure large scale manufacturing.