Playground Sketchup

By: Colby Fields and Dalton Pouliot

Define the problem

We are trying to create a fun and safe playground for elementary school kids will enjoy.

Criteria: Slide, Monkey bars, Swings, Marry-Go round, Rock wall, and Fireman pole.


Develop possible solutions

Chose best solution

Create prototype

Big image

Test and Evulate

Fun for kids of any age to play on. Very sturdy. Risk of kids falling of the bridge. Looks good. Has all six play elements. The playground is pretty safe. Not an amazing slide.


Positive: The design is very sturdy so the playground will last a long time. Kids can have fun. Lots of things to do.

Negative: Not 100 % safe. Building is not as big as we wanted it to be.


Change slide, monkey bars, and rock wall to make them more fun for kids.