The Great Depression & The New Deal

Causes and Effects of the Depression, 1929-1933

Wall Street Crash

  • Stocks had became the main source of income during the roaring 1920's
  • In New York City the stock exchange on Wall Street kept going up for months from March 1928 until September 1929.
  • There were signs of trouble coming from the stock market that most did not see it was a clear sign of a crash.
  • The stock market not only affected Americans but families globally.
  • Many were out of jobs and lost homes ,it left America in shatters .
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Hoover's Policies

  • No one really knew how long the poverty would last in America .President Hoover thought that Americans could somehow come out of the depression faster but that was not all what happened.
  • Hoover believed that Americans should try to come out of the depression with the advice from him and the self-reliance they had .
  • Hoover came to realize that the country needed some government assistance but he wanted the people to lean of the state and local government and not federal .

Hoover and The Great Depression

Hoover and the Great Depression

Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal

  • FDR was what he was called become one of the most influential world leaders in the 20th century.
  • FDR was a New York State legislator like his cousin President Theodore Roosevelt he admired him a lot of wanted to follow in his footsteps. FDR was a Democratic unlike President Theodore Roosevelt.
  • FDR had a New Deal Philosophy
The Second New Deal