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Jarrettsville Elementary Media Center

Black Eyed Susan Program for grades K - 3

What is the Black-Eyed Susan Book Award?

The Black-Eyed Susan Book Award is a children’s choice award for the state of Maryland. Each year since 1992, the Black-Eyed Susan Book Award has been given to authors and/or illustrators of outstanding books chosen for the award by Maryland students. The award seeks to promote literacy and lifelong reading habits by encouraging students to read quality, contemporary literature. To participate, students must read or have read to them a minimum of 8 of the 15 picture books nominated. - (

I have read about a third of the books to the children in class. If you would like to continue to read the stories in your class, they can be checked out of the library. I have a list of books that have already been read to each class. The books are in the media office, please see Mary or me if you are interested. Voting will take place in late April.

Thank You!

Thank you for encouraging children to return their books each week. Dewey has been making his way around the school. If he hasn't visited your room, there is still plenty of time! It would be wonderful if he could make it to all of the classes before the end of the year. Please continue to remind students to place the books in the bins in the morning. It makes everything run smoother in our short time together.