Jillian's Journal

Thursday May 19th 2016

I woke up one day at six am because i had to go to Texas to visit my cousins, with my family, so my family, and i loaded our stuff into our car and drove to the airport. When we got to the airport we went through security check and then we went to our gate. Then we waited three hours, and the we got on the airplane, while we were on the air plane we got to our seats, and sat down and buckled our seat belts. then we listened to the flight attendant, and then after that we took off. Then about eight hours later we landed in Texas, and then my uncle came to pick us up from the airport.
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Wednesday May 18th

Yesterday i went to yoga after school. I had a lot of fun because we played games in yoga class. While i was in yoga i was coloring some pictures, and i was also waiting to get a henna tattoo.Then i said good bye to my friend because she had to leave early. Then about twenty minutes later it was finally my turn and i got the tattoo on my foot, and i was a turtle. Finally i went home with my mom.
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Tuesday May 17th

It was a nice day yesterday, and i got home from school, and played on my iPod until my mother got home, and then i did my homework.
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