Ivy Ruckman

characters and problem and solution.

All of the characters in Night of the Twisters are Dan hatch, Arthur,Ryan,mother hatch, father hatch,Stacey, and Ronnie veg.

One problem and solution is Ryan cried because he was wet because the roof was gone and it was raining.The solution was to wrap Ryan in a towel.

Another problem and solution is Arthur and Dan were trying to go to Kmart but there was a tornado or twister so the went to the armory.


this book was about a kid named Dan and he went in a bike race when his friend sat out and watched and his name was Arthur so Dan started racing he was confident that he was going to win but a kid got in the way and he ran into a curb.So then he thought he wasn't going to win but then the announcer said Dan hatch you have won!Then a tornado hit and he wen to get Ryan his baby brother and his mom was at work and his dad was checking on his mom or Dan's grandma.Then when that was over they got to there moms work to find her and they could not find her.So they fond a x on the wall that means they got rescued.After that they lost there dad so the went looking for dad then after that they try'd to go to Kmart but there was a tornado so they went to the armory and spent the night there and that's my summary enjoy ;).


3 settings in this book are Dan's house, Mrs. Smiley's house, and the armory.

Fun Facts

Some facts about this book are some vocab words are meteorologist,accelerating,and mallow those just sound cool to me.Another fact is this book was based off a real story.Another fact is there are 4 in the movie!