Standard 5

Use appropriate tools strategically

Which tool(s) will solve your problem?

Choose wisely! These tools will either solve your problem or make it more complex. It is important that you examine your problem carefully and recognize the appropriate tools and what insight can be gained as well as the limitations you may encounter.

The role of the teacher

The teacher will provide you with a number of tools from which to choose to solve your problem. The teacher will model, discuss, and provide time for exploration of tools.


What do you do?

The role of the student

You will look at your problem and discuss which tools will best aid you in solving your problem. You will then choose the appropriate tools, detect errors, visualize results, explore consequences, and compare predictions using data. If you discover your tool does not work you will need to change the tool and explore external resources.

Rich task

1. Students are divided into groups with diverse problems requiring different tools

2. Teacher will model and discuss the use of possible tools

3. Each group then reads their problem and discusses possible tools to be used

4. Each group decides on which tools they will use to solve their problem

5. Each group solves their problem using the chosen tools

6. Each group discusses success and/or the tools that could have been used for better results

7. Each group shares their problem and chosen tools with the class explaining why their tools did or did not work.