Local News Update about Smoking!

Very important news that everyone should hear about!

Don't smoke in front of your kids or other people because then they can inhale the smoke and it will harm them, but that doesn't mean you wont get harmed, you will get harmed even more!

Smoking can cause all types of cancer and these horrible things that can happen to you like:

lung cancer, gum cancer, heart disease, heart attack, asthma, bad-breath, you inhale tar, you get yellow teeth, you get wrinkles, less energy, death ,strokes , nausea, ear-infections, emphysema, colds, cavities and more.....

Some of the chemicals in cigarettes are:

Nicotine, carbon monoxide, toluene, urea, acetone, hydrazine, cyanide, tar, formaldehyde and over 2,000 more chemicals

Cigarettes have over 4,000 chemicals in them!

Please watch this video:

Smoking and its effects on Health - Stop today!

Here is an electronic cigarette that is labeled:

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If you're a female and you don't smoke, you can look really good like her!

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Smoking Kid - Best of #OgilvyCannes 2012 / #CannesLions
If you smoke, you will get BLIND!
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Cigarette Experiment Test 2012 Stop Smoking

Here is an expirement about smoking so please watch it and thank you!

If you smoke, you will die 10 years less, so if you don't smoke you will get a better life!