Weekly Report- November 3, 2014

Let's Begin with the End in Mind and think ahead to everything that we have going on in November. If we do a little bit every week, we will be READY! Please reinforce the social etiquette piece of our model and please make sure you are teaching and modeling the habits for our students daily! Please have your students stay on top of the Leadership Notebooks. I was so impressed with the notebooks that were on display on Saturday. Thank you for working so hard to balance everything that is required of all of us!

PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO VOTE! This is a very important election and every vote counts.


November 3:

• Staff meeting

November 4:

• First grade field trip

• Central Principals' Meeting

• Student Body Elections

• Lunch in Classroom

• Happy birthday, Eric and Joy!

November 5:

• Silver Tray Luncheon

• Report cards

November 6:

  • PTA Board Meeting


Special thanks to everyone who either helped set up, attended or tore down the display at the Magnet Fair on Saturday. I am so grateful to: Juley, Penny, Kelly Wilson, Cortney Gordon, Jason Childress, Kendra Fisher, Rick Weber, Sam Boatwright, Marissa Ivester, Anna Cheshire, Jordan Simpson, Angie Headley, Carole Carr, Lauren Gamble, Emily Levinson, Megan Horst, Terry Proctor, Meredith Little, and Paula Everett.

All correspondence from Central Office will now come to me to disperse out to you. I will send out emails from Central Office to the designated people. This is a new responsibility and expectation for principals. The document is massive as you can well imagine and will take several hours out of my day each week. I will make the email tagline- Muriel Central Office.

Please let me know if I need to speak to your grade level or individual students about behavior. I am not going to tolerate some of the behaviors that are going on. I need for you to tell me if inappropriate language is being said and written and if inappropriate gestures are being used. We need to raise the bar, enforce our social etiquette model and expect more from our students.