The Odyssey of Abdi Farah

Expand Your View of the World

Why You Should Go To These Places

Well for one don't you love to meet and see different people? Most importantly, wouldn't you want to explore the world around you or would you want to be that person who never left their town of birth?

Washington State Will Leave You Wanting More

When I visited Washington, I soon felt at home because of its beautiful landscape like the sky, the trees, the grass, and the air waving to me in a welcoming way like Minnesota. Two interesting things about Washington are: Microsoft Corporation is located in Redmond, WA and Seattle, WA has the first revolving restaurant. Trust me the sight of Washington will bombard and trample your senses because of its diverse styles of buildings.

The Mall of America will change your views of how malls are "supposed" to function

Well I've been visiting the Mall of America for close to 10 years, so I know how it feels to walk into the mall and see the huge area with it's various business establishments from floor upon floor. Two cool facts about the Mall of America are: the MOA is the largest retail mall in the world and it's home to the nation's largest Nickelodeon theme park. The stores of the mall might make you want to engulf all of its contents. The mall might also make you want to terminate all the money in your wallet because of the overwhelming opportunity to buy various things.

Minneapolis summarizes Minnesota

Well, I was born in Minneapolis and lived there for about 8 years so the city is an important place in my heart, for example the wonderful neighborhoods in Minneapolis that have people of diverse ethnic groups and races and its beautiful grass, different styles of buildings, and the wonderful aroma of its air. Two interesting facts about Minneapolis are: it's home to a skyway system that connects 52 blocks (about 5 miles) of downtown, which can possibly exhaust your legs and makes it possible to eat and shop without going outside and the first open heart surgery in the U.S was done at the University of Minnesota. As you can see just walking through the wonderful city of Minneapolis just might rupture your view of how cities are suppose to be.


Amanda Smith

"I loved the trip you put together especially how you ended it in Minnesota, which changed my view of the state."

Arthur Burn

"I enjoyed the trip it made me want to do it for a second time because it showed the similarities and differences of Washington and Minnesota."


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