Want to Become President?

Kenzie Schafer & Kaitlin Kreutziger

Constitutional Requirements and Benifits

Natural born citizen, 35 years of age, and 14 years of resident in the Untied States. The salary of being President is $400,000 for annual salary. Some Benifits of being President are $100,000 for personal things. They get a staff, live in the White House, The Air Force 1, Marine 1, and Presidential Limo. Camp David a Presidentail retreat home, Blair House (Guest House). Medical and dental care, Presidential pension, and Secret Service Protection.

Ten Presidential Powers

1.Commander in Chief (Excutive)

2. Commission all military officers of the United States (Executive)

3. Executive Agreements with Foreign countries (Diplomatic)

4. Make treaties with Foregin countries (Diplomatic)

5. Appoint ambassadors, federal Judges, and Surpreme Court Justices (Executive)

6. Grant pardons and reprieves (Executive)

7. Appoints Senators if there is a vacancy ( Judical)

8. Control the budget process (Executive)

9. Make sure laws are executed (Executive)

10. Ability to veto a law (Legislative)

The most important power is to be able to control the budget process. That is the most important because if they can get the budget how they want it will make all the other duties easier to work with.

Five Leadership Skills

First, trust between government and people. If people don't have trust in their Presidnet, they won't beileve they're doing things for their best interest. Second, communicate a clear and inspiring vision, if it's not clear it will cause a lot of confusion and misunderstandings. Third, effective and resolute decision making, becuase they need to make hard decisions that are best for the country even if everyone doesn't agree. Fourth, Communicate the message of motivation, then people will feel that they will get things done. Lastly, Cross party lines and negotiate the terms, then parties are equally heard.