Contributions Of Islamic Culture

Science And Technology


- Muslims made great advances in zoology. Zoology is the study of animals. Many Muslims wrote books describing animals and their body structure. Some of them even made medicines from animals. In the 800s, a scholar named al-Jahiz presented theories of the evolution of animals. Muslims established zoos where animals are kept to be displayed which are still used today.


- Muslim made great advances in astronomy. Astronomy is the study of objects in our universe. For example compass’s and astrolabes could be used to locate the direction of Makkah. These instruments helped muslims pray in the right direction. Astronomers also found out the exact times of prayer and the length of the month Ramadan. Muslims also realized that earth rotated or turned like a spinning top.

Irrigation And Underground Wells

Muslims made technological advances that helped make the most of scarce water resources and much of the land under Muslim rule was hot and dry. Muslims restored old irrigation systems and designed new ones. They built dams and aqueducts or bridges to provide water for households, mills, and fields. They also improved existing systems of canals and underground wells. Some wells reached down to 50 feet into the ground. Muslims also used water wheels to bring water up from canals and reservoirs.

Impacts To The Modern World

Muslims made many impacts to our world today. For example if it wasn't for them, then we wouldn't know much about animals and we wouldn't have zoos. Muslims scholars also found out a lot about our universe such as how our earth rotates and how the sun is the center of our solar system. Lastly they also made wells and underground irrigation systems that we still use today in farms, mills, and even households.


All in all, Muslims made a big impact of the modern world today. They made and discovered things such as zoology, astronomy and irrigation systems/underground wells etc. For example we still have zoos and wells today. This plays a huge role in our lives and it has a lot of impact on us today.