The Red Baron

By: Kenzy Leal

Early Life

He was born on May 2, 1892 he learned how to hunt at an early age. His father was a Uhlan career officer. He had two brothers named Lothar and Bolko, he had a sister named Ilse his mother was Kunigunde and his father was Albrecht.

Military Service

In 1912 Manfred was commissioned lieutenant and was stationed in Militsch (now Milicz, Poland) In the summer of 1914 world war 1 started. He was 22 years old when the war started and he was stationed to Germany's eastern boarder but was soon transferred to the west. When Germany advanced was halted outside of Paris the dug in and a man sitting on a horse was not needed so they transferred him to the Signal Corps where he laid telephone wire and delivered dispatches.
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In May 1915 he traveled to Cologne for the observer training program. Even though he didn't have to fly the plane he still had to go up in one. He was taught how to read a map, drop bombs, locate enemies, and draw pictures while still in the air. September 1, 1915 he had his first fight in air which he lost the second time he unjammed the gun and shot down the plane but it did not count because it was on enemy lines.


He died April 21, 1918. He was crashed over Vaux-sur-Somme(in northern France). But he landed his plain and it was striped by souvenir hunters. His last word was "Kaput".


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