Get Started with the Smore Editor

A guide to creating your first flyers & newsletters

The Smore Editor

The Smore Editor allows you to control the content, look, and feel of your flyer or newsletter. Learn more about the components that make up the Editor below:
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1. flyer location

You can update the geographic location of your flyer. We use this information to properly tag your flyer in "Trending" flyer boards or "Featured" flyer boards.

Try tagging by where the flyer's subject is, versus where you're editing it from. For example, if you're in Florida editing a flyer about a New York event, set the location to "New York."

2. The Update and Save buttons

On the right side of the Editor, there are two big gray buttons -- "Update page" (or "Done Editing") and "Save now."

Update Page (Done Editing) - This button saves the flyer and changes the online, published version to be the most recently edited version of the flyer. It's like a "save draft" and "publish" button all in one.

Save now - This is like a "save draft" button. Once you click this button, your changes are saved to a "draft". It won't change the online, published version (so visitors still see the old version).

Please note:

In order to ensure that you are viewing the most updated version of your flyer, make sure to click "Update Page" when you are finished with your most recent edits. If you do not do so, your flyer will be in "Change" mode, which is a draft.

3. Design

On the right side of the Editor, under the "Design" section you can control style, background, color, and font.

Pro users can also upload their own "Custom Backgrounds" in this section. Click here for more information on how to do this.

For details about all of our design styles, be sure to check out the Design Styles Guide!

4. Add more stuff

The "Add more stuff" section of the Editor has over 10 options to make the content of your flyers and newsletters more robust.

To add more stuff, you can either:

1. Scroll down to the bottom of the Editor and select what you would like to add

2. Hover over any section in your flyer and click the green "+" button

For more information, check out our Add more stuff Guide!

Changing content positions: To change the position of your content or images, simply click on the section you want to move and drag the content box to the desired location on your flyer.

Need more info?

For more information, visit our full FAQ library. If you have additional questions, contact our Customer Service team at