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Shout Outs!

A loud shout out to Patty, Mark, Renee, Alison and Kim M. for an amazing Veteran's Day Program!!!

Heidi and Kim S - amazing job on the BOM board!--- Tami

Heidi and Kim S- thank you for taking care of Stride in your block.—Tami

Patty and Kim M- best Veteran's Day program!—Tami

Admin, Specials, and Gailanne, Kim H, Erika, and Donna C- thank you for our Super Specials!--- Tami

Shout out to Mark and Patty for always being willing to listen to my hair-brained book fair schemes, and then agreeing to them! I have the best team!-- Gailanne

A HUGE thank you to my team for taking care of me, my kids, and my sub last week when I was sick. I owe you!!!! – Shannon

A big Shout Out to Donna and Jodi for ALWAYS being so flexible and helping out when the days are crazy and busy!!!--- Cindy

Shout out to my stylish counterpart, Beverly, who's always looking snappy! :)--- Elizabeth

A HUGE thank you to Laura Janese for making my Kindergarten Super Hero t-shirt the night before Super-Hero Day! I LOVE my new shirt and we all looked amazing in our Bedtime Monster Fighting Super Hero Get-upt!!! -- Kerstin

A Super Hero thank you to Cyndi Loter for making Bedtime Monster Spray for all of our team! Our team rocked the Super Hero Day as Bedtime Monster Fighting Super Heroes!!! You sure do know how to get rid of those stinky monsters! ;-)--- Kerstin

Shout out to Kim O and Kerstin thanks for holding everything together Friday while 3 of us where out. You rocked!!!-- Laura

Shout out to Shelly for helping me figure out the airplane mode. --Laura

Shout out to Jessica and Tami for the amazing reading presentation!! --Laura

Shout out to Gailanne for always helping in a pinch. --Laura

Shout out to Rachel for taking on UIL and I'm loving the spirit of the kids.--- Laura

To Patty Lewis for an amazing tribute to our veterans. They were truly blessed and touched by our kids.—Kim M.

Mark Fisher the decorations for Veterans’ Day were outstanding. – Kim M.

Gailanne Smith for always being willing to share your space with the veterans. – Kim M.

Jodi, Cindy and Donna, thank you for your smiling and welcoming faces. – Kim M.

To the children of Lakeview – Thank you for your outstanding tribute to our guests on Veterans’ Day. I am blessed to be one of your teachers.—Kim M.

To Ms Bowles for all her work on the thanksgiving luncheon. And Wendy for her help too.-- Donna

I would like to send a shout out to my fabulous SLC assistants for going above and beyond the call of duty EVERY day!!! I couldn’t do it without them!--- Rachel

A big shout out to Shelly for sharing some professional learning with her team about differentiation. (The link is included below)

Kid Wisdom

After reading the November book of the month to kindergarteners we discussed where the wall was located. I asked if anyone knew who the current president was and some answers where You, George Washington and the other answer was God.

After discussing Veterans Day and patriotism, kindergartners used red and blue markers to color inside of their traced hands for Veterans Day. The kids were learning that if they needed white then they had to leave white space on the paper.

After coloring his paper hand, one student remarked: “I’m glad we only used red, white, and blue. I was able to make the British Flag.”

This Week's Funny!!

"How was your day, honey?,"...

asks my husband every day when I get home. Well, after 13 straight school days of dress up, Bobcat Dash, adjusted schedules, assemblies, safety drills, thunderstorms, full moons, solar eclipse, and a polar vortex; this was the only way I could describe it to my husband!!
Kindergarten Cop (4/5) Best Movie Quote - SHUT UP!! (1990)

Professional Learning