EC-6th Generalist at Concordia

Jessica Johnston 1st period

Concordia University Texas

Concordia's College of Education offers degrees in religious education, teacher education, master of education, Lutheran teacher program, and DCE specialist certification.

EC-6 Grade Generalist

EC-6 Grade Generalist teachers teach students basic academic, social and other formative skills in public or private schools of the elementary level.

My Interests

I want to become an EC-6 grade generalist because I love interacting with kids. I also love to learn and help people with their work. It seems like many of my elementary teachers set good examples for me and helped me have a good foundation and I would like to do the same and make an impact on kids lives.

Significant Points

EC-6 Generalist teachers instruct students individually and in groups with various teaching methods. They also adapt teaching methods and instructional materials to meet students' needs. They also enforce rules for behavior and procedures for maintaining order. Most of these teachers need a bachelor's degree while some require a higher degree. The median wages are $54,120 and there is an increasing need for teachers around the world.