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Ireland is a country with population of 4,800,000 and a area of 27,133


Dublin is the Capital of Ireland. Dublin is the most populated city in Ireland I'd say 528,000 people live there. The Liffey flows right through there.

Cork is the largest city in Ireland. It has a population of 120,000 people. did you know some of Cork is on a Island.


There is lot of place to visit in Ireland. I think the most interesting place are Boyne Valley, The Burren, and The Cliff of Moher. Boyne Valley is a place with alot of old graves . The Burren is made of limestone and not man made. If you go there you can also see over 630 different kind of plant. The Cliff of Moher is the most amazing vus of the whole island.
Ireland the Beautiful


The average temperature is about 50 degrees F all year. In the spring and summer the average is 57 to 64. In fall and winter the average is 46 to 54. In Ireland there is 18 hours of day light it doesn't dark until 11.


In Ireland the play lot's of sport. But most popular sports are Gaelic Football, Rugby, and hurling
kid irish dance


Some popular food in Ireland;

  1. Slow-cooking cooked Beef
  2. Guinness & Honey-glazed pork Loin.
  3. Vegetarian irish stew
  4. Irish Cream Brownies

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