Animal Extinction

Save them before it's too late!

What is animal extinction?

Animal extinction, means that due to some problem,there are no more animals in that particular species!Typical example of them are dinosaurs and dodo birds.

Why are they going to extinct?

  • climate change of a region
  • hunted down by other animals
  • chemical pollution
  • hunted by human
  • destruction of where they live
  • stopped reproducing young

Why is it important to save them?

  • Saving endangered species from becoming extinct and protecting their wild places is crucial for our health and the future of us.
  • safe them will give us a balanced earth eco-system
  • better knowledge of animals will allow us to have a better knowledge of us

How can we safe them ?

1)by not polluting their homes

2)by stop buying their product

3)by using recycled paper,plastic bags ,etc

4)by raising fund for them

5)by donating money to them

6)by telling people about their extinction

Thank you!