Friday Feedback - January 19, 2018

Grading Practices...Friday Feedback Throwback!

"Grading Smarter, Not Harder"

One of the areas in education I am deeply passionate about is grading and grading practices. I was fortunate as a teacher in West Branch to be on the cutting edge of grading reform and Standards Based Grading. The following link will take you to my old editions of Friday Feedback editions from 5/8/15 and 3/27/15 both dedicated to grading practices - if you scroll through the document you will find other topics as well as a throwback to my Friday Feedback foundations :)

Communicating one letter grade and how that letter grade is indicative of achievement towards a set of the standards covered, citizenship, and other is a pretty murky picture of a learner. Be thinking of how we can clear this murkiness up as we go down the pathway of becoming a highly reliable school system.

In summary, our mission as professional educators is to grow kids to the maximum - period. If one year's growth is what we are after, at a minimum, then reward yourself as a teacher and reward your student's hard work as learners if they have made significant gains/growth toward a standard or standards =GRADES DO NOT HAVE TO BE THE MATHEMATICAL MEAN/AVERAGE. Use your professional judgement when it comes to grades and student growth over time. **If we are growing kids on our standards over time, the average/mean hides that fact and waters down the magic you have helped create; you and the students deserve more.

Thanks for all you do for our kids and their growth as lifelong learners.

How we grade and the message we send about "failure" when learning gets tough can instill grit and a love of learning. What message are you sending?

What's Coming Up?

Saturday 1/20 - SEIBA Honor Band @ IA City

Monday 1/22 - PD Day - See Agenda; MS Bball vs. Chariton - 4:15; MS Wrestling @ Ottumwa

Tuesday 1/23 - MS G Bball vs. Centerville @ home - 4:15

Down the road...

Friday 2/2 - No School = Weather make-up day if needed

Thursday 2/8 - Professional Youth Speaker Josh Drean Community Night @ HS

Friday 2/9 - Josh Drean Assemblies; 7th/8th Valentines Dance