Southview PS

September 19th - September 22nd

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Week Two Complete! It is so exciting to see the relationships that students are already friendships, deepening existing friendships, new teacher-student relationships... When we have relationships built on trust, students are more likely to want to learn. They feel comfort in sharing feedback, seeking assistance, and pushing their thinking. Let's continue to help students seek success in building these very important relationships! :) This month's Educational Leadership magazine is all about "Relationships" and the importance of beginning the year with developing connections with students. Take a peek at a couple of the articles below...

"Correcting our Connecting"
"Building Bridges with Students with ADHD"
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Interesting Articles to Peek At...

Weekly Mission

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MISSION: Get to Know Someone!

To continue to spread the positive energy from Nick's presentations, there are weekly missions that can be included as part of classroom quotes, ideas for students to think about, or to complete an activity/use in a town hall with peers. We'll attach the weekly missions, from Celebrate the Hero, into the Week Ahead. We will also use them on the announcements. If there's another great idea classes think of or pictures to share of your class completing a mission, please send them our way! Below is this week's video that states the daily quotes for the mission, GET TO KNOW SOMEONE!
Weekly Mission: Get to Know Someone

Upcoming Events

Monday, September 26th-

Tuesday, September 27th- Boys' Soccer Tournament (Kim/Tracy), Open House 5:00-6:30, Picture Day

Wednesday, September 28th-Picture Day

Thursday, September 29th- Grade 7s to Hell Holes Nature Trails, Aline/Sean @ Co-Ed Soccer Tournament (possible date change)

Friday, September 30th- PA Day, Office Declarations Due

Tuesday, October 4th-Staff Meeting (8:00), Rebound (Intermediates in library- am), Terry Fox Walk (pm)

Wednesday, October 5th- IEPs to Office, Cross Country Meet

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Learning Together, Embracing Differences

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Week Ahead

Monday, September 19th (Day 5)

  • Jenn & Tiffany Interviews (10:00, 12:30, 4:00)

Tuesday, September 20th (Day 1)

  • Jenn & Tiffany Interviews (10:00, 12:30)

Wednesday, September 21st (Day 2)

  • Grade 7s & 8s to NDSS-George Couros
  • Grade 4s Rotary Club Book Presentations (10:15 start)

Thursday, September 22nd (Day 3)

  • Bus Greeting with drivers (9:15)
  • SAC @ 6:30 in the library

Friday, September 23rd (Day 4)

  • Grade 8s Updating Fish on Fence with Marsha (pm)
  • Jenn away (am)
  • Tiffany (pm) for admin training
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