Morality Over Money

By Colin Glew

Business isn't simply crunching numbers. For many, careers in the world of finance and business also teaches important life skills and lessons. Often, interests in investing and business are derived from peculiar previous life events. These can range from simply a parent having a similar occupation or even a major life experience. Listen as one noble, humble businessman, Chuck Glew, tells us about his time in private equity.


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What is a hero?

Imagine a very stereotypical superhero. Someone who wears a cape and mask, and spends time rescuing innocents from perilous circumstances. Take away the mask and cape. Who is left now, but a man simply fulfilling his duties based on societal expectations? A hero should not be established on principles of physical actions. It’s what is derived from those actions. A hero is someone who suffers himself simply to encourage feelings inside of people: motivation, happiness, love, unity, and so much more.

Who is my "untouchable" hero?

People are not heroes based on what they do. A hero should be recognized for what he inspires in others: friendliness, compassion, importance, and so much more. Warren Buffett is regarded by many as the epitome of a hero. Formerly a poor farm boy living in Nebraska, Warren Buffett transformed into arguably the most successful investor worldwide. Miraculously, Warren is still remarkably generous and modest, even with the unimaginable power provided by his wealth. Warren Buffett is a hero to our society through his generosity and modesty.

Is College Really Worth the Cost?

According to a Georgetown research study, it will be necessary to have some form of a college education for approximately 63% of American jobs (Hsu). Why is it then that anyone would be disinclined to attend college? In order to have a successful economy in a society, there must be businesses present. Typically, the upper-class runs these businesses. However, creating and maintaining a thriving business is implausible without having an educated, well-rounded middle-class; the best way to obtain this education is through college. College is valuable schooling that helps immensely in later life. Even with student loan debt from post-secondary education, college is still worth the costs due to its economic impact and moral and life skills development.