Messi vs. Ronaldo

By: Marriza Valdez

Two of the most famous soccer players head to head in a game what's going to happen? We do not know.We need the facts to know who would win.

To begin, Messi was brave, humble, sympathetic, and a decent guy. Cristiano Ronaldo is brilliant, impatient, determined, and competitive.

Cristiano Rolando made 40 Soccer goals, Lionel Messi has made 73 Soccer goals in his life time . Lionel Messi's style is that he moves with the ball,use's his left foot to shoot,for long range goals he cuts inside towards the left before unleashing a left footed shot.

Cristiano Ronaldo's style of playing soccer is that he shows off too much,swinging his legs repeatedly over the ball,feinting himself out of his own shoes,tripping over himself.

There main differences when they play - Cristiano Ronaldo - plays left forward supporting a striker,is a genuine aerial threat due to physical prowess Lionel Messi - plays right down the middle but cuts in from the right side,possesses a good jump,but is a target man