Pre-K Shenanigans

Mrs. Eaton

Feeding Our Brains


We have been working on PreK Guideline III.B.6. which says, "Child can produce a word that rhymes with a given word." We have done several activities to learn that rhyming means that the words sound the same at the end. Make sure to ask your student about "Erasing the Rhyme."


In math, we are learning how to add two numbers together. We have a workstation in our classroom that has two tubes that lead to a big tub. Students can add two sets of manipulatives by sliding one set down one tube, and the other set down the other and counting the total.

Dinner Time Learning


You can encourage your student's understanding of rhyming by making up a silly story together with rhyming words, or by having your student come up with words that rhyme with the food on their dinner plate.


Make sure to ask your students about the "Adding Slide." You can promote your student's knowledge of addition by asking them to add their vegetables with their meat or the boys with the girls at the table.

Rhyming Matching Game

Check out this video of Jack playing the rhyming matching game in class!

Preschool - Language. rhyming words

Student of the Week

Our student of the week is Lennox! As you can see from the picture, she loves art time at school. To read more about our student of the week, go to our classroom blog by clicking the button below.

No School for Students: Parent/Teacher Conferences

Friday, Nov. 8th, 8am-4pm

Care Elementary School

Please make sure you have scheduled your parent/teacher conference through the form posted on the Classroom Blog!

Thanksgiving Feast

Friday, Nov. 22nd, 11:15am-1:15pm

Care Elementary School

Our Thanksgiving Feast will take place during lunch time. All family members are welcome to join us. The students have been working hard to prepare a special song and look forward to showing you what they are learning!