September 13, 2019

UpComing Dates

Saturday - September 14

A Volleyball Tournament @ St. Paul's Grafton

5:30 pm Church

6:30 pm Youth Group Dinner and a movie

Sunday - September 15

8:15 & 10:45 Church

10:45 am Junior Choir

12 pm Dance Team Practice

Monday - September 16

3:45 pm A Volleyball Practice

3:45 pm Soccer Practice

4:00 pm Cross Country Practice

4:30 pm B Volleyball Practice

6:30 pm Chruch

Tuesday - September 17

7:00 am Faculty PD/Tech Business

12:00 pm - Staff

3:45 pm - B Volleyball Practice

4:15 pm - Soccer vs Garden Homes @ Lincoln Park, Milwaukee

Wednesday - September 18

12:00 pm Principal's Conference @ WISCO

3:45 pm Soccer Practice

4:00 pm Cross Country Meet Cardinal Classic @ Sussex

5:00 pm A Volleyball Practice

Thursday - September 19

3:45 pm 3-5 Math Club

4:00 pm Cross Country Practice

4:30 pm B Volleyball vs. Garden Homes

5:30 pm A Volleyball vs Garden Homes

Friday - September 20

10 am Mr. Wetzel Talk to 8th Graders about WLHS

Saturday - September 21

5:30 pm Church

Sunday - September 22

8:15 & 10:45 Church

10:45 am 3-5 Sing

12 pm Dance Team Practice

Devotion Leader

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  • Tuesday is our faculty meeting bring your computer and make sure you have chapter 1 read.
  • We have a new Guitar Teacher. Forms will go home next Wednesday to sign up for lessons.
  • Here is the link to the Technology Help Website. If you would like to me to put anything on here please let me know.
  • September 13th is the new semi completion date for the Trinity Room. If anything changes I will keep you informed.
  • Thank you for all of your hard work every week. We could not do everything that we do without it.


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How to make your Quizzes & Tests work harder for you

This is something that I struggle with because I always feel so rushed to move on so I can cover all the content I need to cover. I never thought of a simple idea like this to help. Make sure you watch the short video.

12 Must-Teach Classroom Procedures and Routine

I know some of these are basic and you may already do them but maybe one will spark a new idea that you can use.

4 Evidence-Based Teaching Strategies

I found some good reminders in here about solid teaching techniques that can get lost in the shuffle.


Good Teacher vs Bad Teacher Thoughts Round 3

Just a few laughs to start your weekend.