Farm Life 1950

Hard Times Come To Life


Borrow the mind of someone you know that has experienced farm life in the 1950s (could be your grandmother) and look deep into the farming years during the 1950s, as this flyer is about what farm life is about when it was 1950 (keep some of your mind too to remember this stuff!). In the 1950 year, some people lived on the farm; as it was very difficult for them at the time. As their parents were demanding chore work from them, it was not your Evreyday chore like cleaning your room. It was chores like waxing the floors, cleaning plates, making dinner, setting tables, and even harvesting or moving the farm grounds. Kids slept on the ground, while their parents had a bed. It was one of the most hardest times in the decade for anyone (especially kids) to live under.

Mean (but useful) Machines

Big changes in farming also occurred in 1950; When machines took over. Machines back then were extremely dangerous, but got the job done (you could say that the machines were mean because they were dangerous, and useful because they sped up the time it took to get it done). They also used up a lot of fuel, an expensive power source even used commonly today. But they produce exhaust, which pollutes the earth. Machines today are much safer, and consume less fuel, or even run on solar power. And they reduce exaust too, which is very enviornmentally friendly.

Fun And Games

Children back in the day kids had to complete all of their chores before having any kid of fun. Today, parents don't give as much chores as they used too; because all kids went to school most of the day except in the summer, weekends, or any other kind of break. So apart from homework, children had the rest of the day (or at recess) to play; if parents say so.

Farm Population

Back then, farms were all over the place, producing food for the continent. Today, there isn't as much farms. The reason is because back then, a lot of farms were needed because one farm only produced little amounts of food each year. Today, little farms are needed because today's technology enables farms to maximize food production. So bigger numbers of farms are not nessessary for we have all the food we need for our nation.
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