Sr. Girls Volleyball

2015-2016 Game Schedule

Game Schedule

  • Thursday, December 3rd vs. Cardinal Ambrozic @ LASS - 3:30 start time
  • Monday, December 7th vs. BCA @ BCA - 3:30 start time
  • Wednesday, December 9th vs. Mayfield @ Mayfield - 3:30 start time
  • Tuesday, December 15th vs. Heart Lake Secondary School @ Heart Lake Secondary School - 3:30 start time
  • Tuesday, January 5th vs. Castlebrook @ Castlebrooke - 3:30 start time
  • Tuesday, January 15th vs. Robert Hall @ Robert Hall - 3:30 start time
  • Monday, February 8th vs. Humberview @ LASS - 4:30 start time
  • Wednesday, February 10th vs. Harold Brathwaite @ LASS - 4:30 start time


  1. Please be on time for all home games. You need by be dressed and in the gym ready to go by 3:00.
  2. Wear proper athletic attire (i.e. running shoes, athletic socks, hair in a pony tail)
  3. Be a positive member of the team. Whether you are on the court or on the bench, you need to be positive and cheer on your teammates at all times.
  4. Please let Ms. Gray or Ms. St. Aubyn know if you cannot make a practice or a game well in advance.
  5. Return your uniform at the end of every game to be washed.
  6. Please bring your own water bottle to all games and practices.
  7. Have fun!!!
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