The Determination Of Persevearance

Iman Terry

Jackie Robinson {sequence}

first Jackie Robinson got the offer to be In the Major Leagues. Then he had to ignore all the hate comments that would come with being in the Big Leagues. Also he had to learn not to say something back to the people who said something mean to him. Later people finally excepted him for who he was. Also he made history for being the first black ever in

Jackie Robinson's Steps to Perseverance

First Jackie Robinson got the offer to be In the big leagues. Then Branch Rickie prepared him to ignore the hate comments and all they things people would say. Also people used to send letters and say a whole bunch of mean things and would threaten to kill him and Jackie was worried and almost quit baseball. Then he decided to stay and he fought through without actually fighting back or saying things back, that's exactly what the people wanted him to do was fight back and get kicked out. But Jackie didn't fight back because he knew if he fought back he knew he would've got kicked out and most likely sent to jail for fighting and disrespecting a white person. So after many years later almost everyone excepted him. Some people still disliked him and didn't want him to play in the big leagues. Jackie Robinson made history and became the first African American person to be in the major leagues. he then showed his ambition for baseball. After all that happened he broke many records. sadly his career came to a end but still Is remembered for what he did.

This is one Jackie Robinson's quotes that says a lot even though it's just a sentence

Eleanor Roosevelt's Journey on Life

Eleanor Roosevelt's mom didn't like her as a child. Her mom thought she looked like a ugly duckling. Eleanor was left with no one because her dad was always gone and drunk. Eleanor felt neglected and sad. She did not talk to anyone and became very shy. because she was shy her grandmother sent her to a boarding school in Paris. When she got there her teacher Mademoiselle Marie Souvestre helped her gain her confidence and made her a better person. Years later Eleanor returned to New York and married her cousin. She became first lady to Franklin Roosevelt and yielded to help kids feel love and comfort that she didn't feel as a kid. Her husband had polio so she had to take over his position as president she adhered to help her husband. For Eleanor that was just the beginning of what she could do she became known as the first lady of the world. She is remembered for a lot of great things even though bad things happened to her.
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Eleanor Roosevelt


it means to have dedication to something and to not give up on your dreams even if they are tough. If a person is willing to follow their dreams they do not give up when times get hard all it does is make them work harder.
Kayla is a track runner who cannot always feel her legs while she is running. Kayla had to learn how to be able to run while her legs feel like nothing, she had to learn to pace her self. When she starts out running she can feel her legs but as her body heats up she begins to feel less in her legs until she feels nothing. Kayla started off as one of the slowest runners on the team then became faster then the boys track team. Nothing was stopping this girl she was determined. Kayla resolved and became a great track runner. When she runs track she still does it for the fun. When Kayla runs and has to stop because she can't feel her legs her coach has to catch her and stop her. Once Kayla is done with a race her coach takes her to a spot in the grass and there is cold things like ice to cool her legs down so her body temperature goes back to normal and so she is able to walk again. Kayla is a clear example of perseverance and is someone who doesn't give up. Kayla has a conviction that she can run even if she cant feel her legs.
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Kayla and her coach after a meet