The Grand Canyon

By, Diana Ellis

Summer Fun!

My parents drove me and my siblings, Bridget, Bernadette, Emma, Bobby, and Evelyn on our road trip. We drove to Texas and through Arizona. When we were in Texas, we stayed with our second cousins and great aunts and uncles. We went to a Texas ice cream shop and had awesome banana splits. We also saw the Longhorns and when we were on our way out of Texas towards Arizona, we saw amazing sedimentary rocks in the Grand Canyon on Sunday, June 15, on our way from my great aunts house in Texas. We got to go to the Longhorns and we saw a whole bunch of cattle running through the streets. I also went to go shooting on my uncle Brad's property, and I shot straight through some tin cans. We went on this very fun road trip because my mom got remarried and we wanted to do something fun as a family.

Look At Me!

Connections to Science

  • The rocks in the Grand Canyon are all layers from different years and points of time stacked up, which is what a sedimentary rocks is. Most sedimentary rocks look like they have stripes on them. It is really just the soil and organic particles from the surface of the earth through time. The soils are settled and fermented into the layers and layers of rock.
  • The tall skinny formations of rocks from the Grand Canyon, are actually to have been eroded by water. The Colorado river is the water that eroded the rocks. Particles and degree fell on top and stack the rocks up to create these formations.

I Wonder...

How many years did it take to form the Grand Canyon?

What kinds of rocks were found in the Grand Canyon?

Has anybody found any important fossils in the Grand Canyon?

Are there any dams in the Grand Canyon?


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