Romeo and Juliet

By Jimmy Freed

Why is Romeo and Juliet still read in schools today?

Act I, Scene I, Synopsis

throughout the tale of Romeo and Juliet conflicts rise and fall as soon as the story begins, After the chorus we are introduced to two characters Gregory and Sampson. These two lesser characters are already setting the stage for a great conflict as they talk amongst themselves about their rivals, the Montague house, the text states "A dog of that house shall move me to stand I will take the wall of any man or maid of Montague's). This sets the reader up for a much greater conflict as a lesser conflict arises. Two other boys, Abraham and Balthasar enter the scene, Both of them being servants to the Montague house leads up to an encounter with the Capulet boys. After harsh taunting and insults toward each other a brawl breaks out between them along with other Montagues and Capulets joining in, the brawl is finally broken up with the prince declaring that whoever begins another fight between the separate houses will be killed, "Your lives shall pay the forfeit of the peace." (Act I, Scene I, 105)

Analyzing Act I, Scene I

In the beginning of this scene we as readers are treated to two characters that could not be in slightest way important to our story, but they do serve to provide exposition and information to our story. The reason I chose this scene is because it is a perfect example of a problem that arises and in a way is resolved. The two characters (Gregory and Samson) provide us with the knowledge that the Capulets hate the Montagues, and soon we are treated to an encounter between them. The way this scene is special is because it could be a stand-alone story of its own.

So why do we still read Romeo and Juliet?

I believe that the reason we still read Romeo and Juliet today is due to the fact that it is a timeless example of conflict and resolution. As seen in Scene I, a conflict arises and sets up exposition for greater conflict to occur later in the story and as the tale progresses it is eventually resolved. The bottom line is Romeo and Juliet is a classic story and can be applied to modern life today, making it ideal to read in school