About All Four stars

Written by Alejandro Banchs!

About the book

In this realistic fiction book, you'll follow Gladys Gatsby in a delicious adventure to Classy Cakes. The amazing author Tara Dairman, wrote this fascinating New York Times best selling book to show a young girl's passion for food. My favorite part is when Gladys finally reaches New York City to complete her mission. I personally recommend this magnificent book to people of all ages, young and old.

A Little Insight on All Four Stars!

Gladys, a 6th grade student in East Dumpsford, is an adventurous girl that's on a mission throughout the entire book. She never gives up and loves cooking. The problem with her ambition of cooking, is that her parents choose to only buy fast food and nuke it in the microwave. Gladys usually follows the rules, but one day, when secretly cooking while her parents where at work, she accidentally sets her house on fire with a blow torch. When her parents arrive at home she is grounded from cooking for six whole months! While in the middle of trying to survive he punishment, an email from "The New York Standard" sets Gladys with the task of finding her way to New York City to review a restaurant called Classy Cakes! Can she do it without her parents finding out? Does she succeed? What happens next? I guess you'll have to find out when you read the book!


This great book was rated a 4.1/5 by Greatreads and a whopping 4.8/5 by Barns and noble. "A scrumptious gem of a story!" said Jennifer Nielsen, a bestselling author. I've read lots and lots of great books few of them are 5 starred by me, but this one is definitely a 5 star book!


This great book was published during July 10th, of 2014! This book actually got Amazons book of the month the same month it came out. It didn't just get this award, it also got plenty of other awards from magazines, newspapers, and some praise from well-known authors. Tara Dairman actually wrote two more sequels to this book.


Wouldn't you like to spend hours upon hours of fun reading this amazing book? Once you pick up this book you wont be able to drop it, that's how good it is. Instead of being bored all day long, you could be having fun reading this action packed book.