9. Moving & Copying Plans

You have options both in the Copy Lesson Plan tool and in the Lesson Options for moving plans from day to day. Both options will include your TEKS and any attachments.

10. Changing Today's Schedule

  • Use this feature to edit your schedule only for the day selected.
  • Re-add course entries
  • Notes for the Substitute Teacher
  • A New Special Entry
  • Delete Today’s Plans – use this to remove content and a schedule for all entries on a calendar day.

11. Team Planners

Team planners are great when you are teaching aligned with someone else. Everyone on the team planner can contribute and share the load. Make sure to copy from the team planner back over to your personal planner, though.

12. TEKS & ELPS Additions/removals

To see the TEKS available for your course, you must check out the day by clicking in the blue header box. Whether you choose from the Unit or the complete list, do it the same way every time. The ELPS are found just below your available TEKS.