by Richard Zane

Premium Give Away Items

"Premiums" are promotional items that are linked to a product. They usually require box tops, tokens or proof of purchase to acquire.

Ex. Bobbleheads given away at the gate at baseball games.

Contests and Sweepstakes

Companies use contests and sweepstakes for many reasons. Contests create a "buzz" about a company, which then increases web traffic to their site. Contests provide companies with free market research by showing what consumers would be interested. In addition, entering a contest will put you on a company's emailing list so they can further market their product to you.

To learn more about the Los Angeles Dodgers' expired sweepstakes, click on the link:


When a company offers a product exclusively to a small part of the population. By doing so, they hope to stimulate interest in the product.

Example: Texas A&M Online community,, offered a free trial of a subscription to their site to students for a limited time only.

Point-of-Purchase Displays

Products set up near the check-out counter. Hopes are that by setting up here, consumers will notice these products to stimulate thought in the product for a later time or even cause an impulse buy.

Example: Target still has baseball cards available for purchase by the self-checkout counter

Special Events

Advertising at events such as sporting events or concerts to take advantage of a one-time chance to market towards a large number of people.


A coupon is a voucher that offers a discount on a certain product.

Companies use coupons in order to entice consumers to buy their product because they think they are getting a discount.