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April 2, 2016

3pm & 7pm

4th annual performance at Dogtown Dance Theatre, Richmond VA

This coming April, RADAR will present its 4th annual spring concert, beingHUMAN. This evening length work asks one essential question: What does it mean to be human? At face value, we are but a collection of parts, nervous systems knit together by paper thin fibers, calcified bones wrapped with sinewy muscles, delicate organs sheltered by a cage of ribs, a beating heart pumping life through our veins, lungs forever expanding and contracting without being asked. Impossibly intricate, yet somehow the most ordinary of human workings. But what about the very visceral experience of being human? What about the parts we cannot see and dissect in a lab? The mind, the soul, the spirit, our emotional selves and our desire to connect with others? Searching deeper, we find our hearts also pump love through our veins; our lungs expand and contract with our daily frustrations; electrical impulses challenge us to seek, discover, explore and question. Who are we and who do we want to be? Why are we here and what are we living for? The simple act of standing becomes much more profound and complex when we decide to stand for something, to stand for someone or to stand alone. Ultimately, we cannot be singularly or easily defined. In this new work, RADAR explores the human experience in both body and soul, and the rich ways we make meaning from being alive. beingHUMAN features choreography by company members Megan Baker, Laura Gorsuch, Elliott Hartz, Kara Priddy and Megan Rivero, as well as guest artist, Lauren Morris.

Tickets for this event are $15 for adults and $10 for students and may be purchased at the door with cash, check or credit card. To reserve tickets in advance, please email

Saturday, April 2nd, 3-7pm

109 West 15th Street

Richmond, VA