Child Labor in the Fishing Industry

The shocking truth about your meal.

The Numbers

  • According to an FAO survey, 10% of labor found in fisheries in major fishing nations is child-sourced, across nations such as Bangladesh, the Phillippines, El Salvador, and Ghana.
  • 90% of those children are young men and boys.
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The Dangers

  • There are numerous health risks associated with children working in fisheries, aquaculture plants, and onboard fishing vessels.
  • Child divers risk ear damage, shark attacks, bites, stings and drowning.
  • Many accidents occur due to poor judgement, due to the motive to make a profit.
  • Even worse, are the medical hazards, like hypertension, coronary heart diseases, cancer, boils, allergic reactions, fish erysipeloid, acute tenosynovitis, conjunctivitis, poison bites and stings, and so on.
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Where your food came from

  • Child labor is used across the industry, in fishing vessels, aquaculture farms, fisheries, and hatcheries.
  • The Phillippines alone exported 155,129 tons of fish destined for direct consumption by people. In a country where as much as 10% of the work force is supplied by children. That's where your next tuna salad likely came from.
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