Lowell Lions' ROAR!

June 2017

From the Desk of Mrs. Larva

Summer Wishes

by Jen Larva

As we near the end of our time together,

my wishes for you in the glorious weather

are to spend time doing what makes you happy.

Be it biking or hiking

Playing or reading or just relaxing,

Giving hugs that aren't too sappy!

Pretty soon you will be sleeping in late

Going on adventures, exploring, and feeling great!

So make sure that you are having a ball,

With the people who love you

both tall or short, close or far.

Your friends at Lowell will see you next fall!

Summer Contact

Principal Larva and Mrs. Hunger will be working regular hours until June 23, 2017. If you need to reach someone at the school, please call Barbara Chopp, our school engineer, at 218-336-8895 x2974 for assistance.

Regular office hours will resume on August 14, 2017.

Lost and Found

This is your final reminder to check our lost and found pile for missing articles of clothing, lunch boxes, etc. During the week of June 19, any remaining items will be donated to our local Kids Closet.

PTA Fundraising NOW and LATER

Last call for all of your shiny paper recycling and boxtops, but keep saving them over the summer!

The collection box for the Boxtops is in our lobby and the Recycling bins for the shiny paper are located at both the front entrance and the Parent Drop-Off/Pick-Up entrance in the back of the building.

Upcoming Events

June 1: Nature Play Family Picnic on the soccer fields from 5-7PM

June 5: Fifth Grade Graduation Ceremony at 9:30 AM

June 7: Field Day (volunteers still needed) from 8-11AM

June 8: Last Day of School

June 19: Summer Breakfast and Lunch Program starts

Wanted: Playground Monitor for 2017-18

Do you love children and love being outdoors? Lowell is looking for a playground monitor to supervise during our recess times. This is a 2.5 hour per day position (approximately from 10:35-1:05). Students do go outside on most days weather permitting. If the weather is unsafe for students, monitors will supervise in the classrooms for indoor recess.

You will be paid $9.50/hour and will be provided with a school lunch. Interested individuals should contact Jen Larva at jennifer.larva@isd709.org

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Field Day!

Our Field Day is planned for Wednesday, June 7th. It will begin at 8am and will end at 11am. Students will run through twelve 15 minute stations. Lowell is looking for parent volunteers to help run the events! Volunteers would meet in the gym at 7:40 AM for instructions.

Here are the stations and number of volunteers initially needed (please keep in mind that some slots have been filled):

  1. Sheets Relays in the gym. (Looking for donated sheets as well) - 2 volunteers
  2. Dance in the lobby. - 3 volunteers
  3. Water Relay outside music hall.- 4 volunteers
  4. Water Balls on the basketball court. - 3 volunteers
  5. Playground
  6. Big Ball Relay on the hill. -2 volunteers
  7. Co-op-a Mat at the top of the road before the field. - 2 volunteers
  8. Tug of War on the soccer field. - 2 volunteers
  9. Potato Races/3 legged Race on the soccer field. - 2 volunteers
  10. Continuous Relays on the soccer field. - 2 volunteers
  11. Rubber Chicken Throw on the soccer field - 2 volunteers
  12. Torch Relays on the soccer field. - 2 volunteers

There is a sign up poster on the gymnasium door. You can also contact Kristin.Bergerson@isd709.org.

Summer Breakfast & Lunch Program at Lowell

Funded by the USDA, meals are provided to children 18 years of age and under without charge. Adults who accompany their children can purchase a meal for $3.85. Meals are served June 19-August 25, 2017 (no meal service on July 4, 2017).

  • Breakfast will be served from 8 AM to 10:30 AM
  • Lunch will be served from 11:30 AM to 1 PM.

Menus include a variety of food items: hot entrees, salads, sandwiches, vegetables, fruits, bread, milk, and dessert items. Join us for good food and friendly service!

Summer meals are being served at the following locations:

  • Lowell Elementary School 2000 Rice Lake Rd
  • Lester Park Elementary 5300 Glenwood St
  • Myers-Wilkins Elementary 1027 N 8th Ave E
  • Piedmont Elementary 2827 Chambersburg Ave
  • Laura MacArthur Elementary 720 North Central Ave
  • Stowe Elementary 715 101st Ave W
  • Lincoln Park Middle School 3215 W 3rd St
  • Denfeld High School 401 N 44th Ave W

Bark and Bake

Bark and Bake for Shelter Dogs and Cats was held in the Lowell School art room on May 25th. Kindergarten students in Mrs. Margo's class, Mrs. Joesph's class, and Mrs Sullivan's 3rd grade students made dog and cat treats for donation to Animal Allies. Animal Allies stopped by with dogs to sample the treats. They liked them!
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Community Information

We are often approached by community entities to share information with our families. The following are not district or school sponsored events. They have not be vetted by Lowell staff. Please use your best judgement about participating in these events.

A Message from the Public Library

The Duluth Public Library Summer Reading Program runs from June 5th through August 18th. Kids and Teens will log reading hours and when 20 hours are reached, they may choose a book to keep! Time spent reading ebooks, comics, magazines, newspapers, listening to audiobooks, and reading online can all be counted. Starting June 5th, visit our homepage (duluthlibrary.org) to sign up! There is also a reading program for adults!
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