Child Poverty in Waco

Group 3: If you help a little, you can stop a lot

Child Poverty Does Matter

In Waco 35.3% of children live below the poverty level. Over 300 million children go to bed hungry everyday. Children in poverty are less likely to complete school or college. As a child it is difficult to see other children on the street. Some children go to school and come home with no home. We didn't do anything to deserve a house so why should they have to live on the streets when they didn't do anything wrong. We would really like to help stop child poverty especially in Waco because we want to help our community.

How can we help?

One donation a day can keep child poverty away.

We want to organize a 5k walk/run, to raise money to help stop child poverty. We would like to host this event around McLane stadium or downtown Waco because we think these would be great locations. We would like to have the 5k in October/ November because the weather would be nicer and there would be more participation in the community. We would like people to support by participating in the run or donating food, clothes, toys, etc. These donations will be given to children in Waco living in poverty.
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CPDM: Child Poverty Does Matter

Meet Our Group- #makeithappen

"I learned that donating is one way to advocate for a cause."


"I learned that everyone can advocate and help their community no matter what age they are." -Kennedy

"I learned that when there is a problem people can always come together to find a solution." -Sarah

"Every kid living in poverty is one kid that could be a genius, but doesn't have the chance to." -Carmen :3

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Counselor- Mandee

Visit this website to help sponsor a child living in poverty.

Thank you to these cites for providing information to help us better understand child poverty.