2017 Secondary Language Arts TEKS

resources, links, and visuals for the 2017 RLA TEKS

Updated 10/8/22

Please go to my STAAR Redesign Resources to access the student/teacher-friendly rubrics for the new extended constructed response items 3-8th and Eng 1 & 2. A correspondence rubric wasn't included for secondary, but I'm sure we will get something soon (maybe at TAC?).

Updated Schematics & New Question Types! 9/2022

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Author's Purpose & Craft is not PIE

I analyzed the Author's Purpose & Craft questions on the last three years of STAAR: 2019, 2021, & 2022. There are MANY different verbs used in the answer options, and I encourage teachers to not oversimplify this TEKS into "PIE" and to instead teach a wide variety of verbs when discussing purpose.

Elementary Author's Purpose & Craft

Secondary Author's Purpose & Craft

Coherence Alignment for RLA Transition

TEKS Clarifiers for 6th-12th MISD Essential Standards

Google folder with TEKS Clarifiers

folders for each grade level, I plan to add to these each year

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Here are the files for the "PLC Planning Packs" for 6-8th eligible TEKS for Reading. For my teachers, I printed the readiness standards on green cardstock and the supporting on yellow cardstock. At teacher request, I put all of them on a binder ring. The purpose for the cards is to give collaborative teams a quick way to keep these tested standards "front and center" during team design time no matter what texts they are working with in class. The question stems from STAAR are also included on the cards to make designing quick formative assessments easier.


They are "view only" but you can make a copy and adjust how you want.

Resources from my Fall Session on Using Response TEKS in All Content Areas

Rhetorical Analysis Resources!

Interconnected Planning Flip-charts!

In my efforts to make planning with the interconnected TEKS easier, I created little TEKS flip-charts for my teachers. The links to the files are below. They are half-sheet and they are spiral-bound. My original plan was to simply print on cardstock and bind with an old Ibico plastic-binder machine that we have in the workroom. My secretary wanted them to look nicer, so we ended up sending these files to a local printer and we paid to have them printed, bound, and assembled.

6th GRADE flipchart

7th GRADE flipchart

8th GRADE flipchart

9th GRADE flipchart

10th GRADE flipchart

11th GRADE flipchart

12th GRADE flipchart

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The New ELAR TEKS adopted 2017

If the TEKS strands are books on a shelf, then Foundational Skills and Inquiry & Research are the bookends, supporting them all.

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Curriculum Pieces

Resources for Administrators

Comprehension + Response = THINKING OUTPUT!

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Resources to Help Teachers and Curriculum Folks!

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Another Stab at a Template for Multiple Genre Text Set Curation

Text Set Curation

In our efforts to build stacks of multiple genre texts for teachers to access easily as they have students reading many different texts, this is our text curation template. This one is for 6th grade (they are TEKS-specific so there is one per grade level.) It's still a "work-in-progress", but it definitely pushed teams to discuss texts on a different level this summer.
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Hexagonal Writing For Literary Analysis Using Response TEKS

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great fold-out brochure for 6-8th

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