Decisions! Decisions! Decide!

Abby MIller 4h April 10 2013

Too Many Decisions!!!!!

You’re at the store looking for a pack of gum. You have narrowed your choice down to the flavor peppermint, but you’re still caught on one choice. Which brand should I buy? How do you make your choice? Oh yeah! You could use the 6-step decision making model. You may not have known but you make dozen of decision every day. Understanding and following a decision making process will help you be more confident about making wise decisions. The first step to the 6-step decision making model is defining the decision. The store has three different brands of peppermint gum. So your decision is what type of gum you will buy.

Resources? What?

The next step to the 6-step decision making model is estimate resources available. The following process can help you identify the types and quantities of resources that you need to implement the project. Some resources for making this decision is how much money do you have. Money can make a big difference on your decision. Another resource is how much time you have. Time can decide how long you have you have to make your decision. The next recourse is what knowledge you know. Basic background knowledge can be helpful to deciding on your choice.

Some of our top choices!

Same peppermint flavor, three differnt brands!


The third step to the decision making process is consider your alternates. This step helps you notice what your options are. At the store there are three brands of gum. The first brand of gum is eclipse peppermint gum. The next brand of gum is trident peppermint gum. The last brand of gum is orbit peppermint gum. These are your alternates.


The fourth step on the decision making process is information gathering. To gather information is very important in making decisions because it helps you know more things about the products you’re buying. So you’re at the store and you’re looking at the price. Price can make a big difference in your choice. The price for all three packs of gum is $1.29. Information you also might want to have is how many pieces are in he packs. You’re looking at the eclipse pack of gum and there is 18 pieces of gum but the severing size is 2 pieces. The trident has 16 pieces and the severing size is 1. The orbit has 18 and the serving size is 1.

Finally!! We have made our Decision!!

The fifth step to the decision process is decide. You are looking all the packs of gum and finally decide to buy the orbit. The sixth step to the decision process is evaluating the decision. After buying the orbit gum you evaluate your decision. You think you decision is good because they all have the same price but orbit has more pieces.