Glamstars is Proud to Present Our First Show of 2014!!


After a rather chaotic year, Glamstars once again dusted its self off and got back on its feet. Ending the year with two amazing fashion shows on the same dates. The Euro and US peeps totally out did themselves with absolutely amazing outfits, choreography, rooms.

In the Euro Show the Developers who participated were Miha, Ismeny, MsPixelicious, CassandraVenom, Cymricmanx, Gaelicious, Kherany with MrsLovesGucci, Canael, FeFeShadows, and Amarigel as models. The US show consisted of Developers Sanjivanii, RiaWinx, Belladonnaofdeath, Angelmlove, CassandraVenom, MsPixelicious, and Miha with MindlessDreamer, Kikipurplepuppy, Brynn, and PeigeMi as models.

The outfits that were presented at each show were amazing to say the least. From the exotic to sexy to stunning, it was all there. All shows were filled to capacity and then some, with rave reviews. Probably the best show to date. I repeat to date......

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Glamstars is just not kicking off 2014 with another fashion show. No. Glamstars is planning a show of epic proportions. So buckle in and hang on for the ride of your life.


Exclusive meshes by Delure and TiaraStone! If you are interested, sign up here once you have joined the group:

Creators in the show will have exclusive access to NEW meshes! Instead of waiting for the trend you will BE the trend everyone is following! This show will change not only your tier status but your entire experience as a developer. Take it to the next level and become a GLAMSTAR! Aside from the creators featured in the show, many will be in the audience which gives you the optimum exposure. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to be part of this epic show.


With the opportunity to wear first hand creations, models are coming forward and signing up left and right. With the prospect of fifty plus of the most wonderful outfits being created there will be more than enough to go around. So models, sign up now and become a part of Glamstars history and your own, as you mingle with the best and brightest of the IMVU creative community. Now this is something to put on your resume! This is where you sign up for your opportunity after joining Glamstars!,70315972

Check out the contest that is currently running, "Lose Weight Now, Show Us How". A competition to see who can come up with the best looking total look for 1000 KB's or less. Oh yes, it's a challenge, but are you up for it? A contest for all those shopaholics out there.

Coming up by January 6th will be Glamstars famous "First 5". This contest will feature Delure as the Developer to tie in with the upcoming show. This contest has always been a favorite and tends to fill up fast, so keep your watch out for it.