Life Before The Constitution


I am a shoemaker in Manchester, New Hampshire. Times are hard right now, I had to go into debt for $50 to buy my own tools so I am able to make more shoes. I figured that money would be easier to repay because our government was issuing paper money. There is less money now, and each dollar is worth more than it ever was. I can't charge a lot for my shoes because people cant afford it. I am very concerned about the new Constitution , because i've heard that some people don't even want to allow people like me to be able to vote.

Southern Planter

I live in Virginia and i'm a tobacco planter. I own 30 slaves and i'm quite wealthy, but my wealth depends on my slaves. The bankers will not lend me anymore money due to "stability" so i am unable to buy more slaves. Daniel shays rebellion made me very concerned he wants to go against larger property owners. They sometimes make laws which threaten the safety of my property.


I am a member of a prosperous banker and merchant family in New York. I make most of my money by providing loans and getting paid interest on the loans. If I loan someone money, I could get in return crops or farm animals. Which i think that is outrageous! I think that people should get jailed when they don't pay what they owe. I am making a lot of money because i have bought thousands of dollars of government bonds from people who were given these instead of money.