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4th Grade MOSAIC

iPad/iLearn Agreement

Dear Parents,

Just an FYI about iPads and apps. ALL apps should be educational in nature. There should not be any games on the iPad that are NOT educational. If there are any apps that are a problem in your home, you have full permission to delete the apps that are a problem. I will also delete any apps that are a problem for your child in school. Please remember too, as a parent, it is very important to check your child’s history on a regular basis to see what they are looking at online. Thank you for your constant support!

This is an ongoing discussion at school and in the classroom! Please see the iLearn reminder below.

A reminder about the iLearn Agreement that was signed in the fall…

“Students, with the support and permission of parents, may install apps or other content having an educational purpose on their iPad. Application or content that does not have an educational purpose and/or is disruptive to the educational process at school or at home will be removed from the device"

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