Washing Hands are Important

Wash, Wash, Wash

The importance of washing your hands

You should wash your hand because, If you don't wash your hand you carry germs. Also when you rub your eyes , and mouth you rub all the germs from your hands on to your face. That's one of many ways you can get sick.

How to wash your hands

To wash your hands you need to put your hands in warm water. Next you need to put soap on your hands and rub them together in till they lathered really good and the soap turns white. This should take about 30 seconds. After that, you rinse your hands in warm water again. Lastly grab a dry towel and dry your hands and make sure to turn off the water with your paper towel instead of your hands. Make sure to use moisturizer after you dry your hands to keep your hand hydrated!

When should you was your hands

You should wash your hands after you use the bathroom, wash them before you eat or touch something or someone. Or if your not near a bathroom use hand sanitize. You should also wash your hands when you sneeze or cough. You don't want anyone getting your germs. If you do get germs you can get very sick, and nobody wants to get sick.

Why you should wash your hands

You should wash your hands so you wont get sick, also you should wash your hands so you don't spread germs. If you don't get sick you wont have to miss school, and if you don't miss school and you will get an education. You will be able to have fun at after school stuff. This is why you should wash your hands so you can do the fun stuff you want to do.
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