APRIL 2016

Autism AwarenessMonth

Autism Awareness Month is a time to educate about autism and Light It Up Blue! Spreading autism awareness in schools is a great way to celebrate April and promote inclusion and acceptance in the classroom and beyond. Autism a spectrum disorder (ASD) is a complex developmental disability; signs typically appear during early childhood and affect a person’s ability to communicate, and interact with others. Denton Avenue School participated in "Light It Up Blue!" to bring awareness to this disorder and honors the unique talents and skills of people with autism.
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Denton Avenue School Lights It Up Blue

Students and staff showed their support for autism awareness. Using more than 600 bright blue cups to send the message - Denton Lights It Blue.

Denton PARP Celebrates Poem In Your Pocket

Poem In Your Pocket Day

Every April, on Poem in Your Pocket Day, people celebrate by selecting a poem, carrying it with them, and sharing it with others throughout the day. Poem in Your Pocket Day is a time to celebrate POETRY. During Library instruction at Denton students reviewed and learned about poems.

Poetry is best when shared, and Poem in Your Pocket Day is the perfect time to surprise someone with the gift of poetry. We celebrated on April 21, 2016 and shared poems throughout the day. We had high school students join us in the afternoon performing “Poetry Out Loud”. What a wonderful Day!

Denton Avenue’s Math Olympiads Team Celebrates:

  • This math club is directed by, Ms. Martina Bozac. It is a way to stimulate an enthusiasm and a love for Mathematics. Each week a new concept is introduced and practiced. The essential goal of Math Olympiads is for students to challenge their mathematical skills.

  • During the weekly club sessions, Ms. Bozac engages and challenges students with problem solving activities. These math activities are designed to strengthen student’s ability to reason and use logic. Participants also researched influential mathematicians whose contributions in math have made our understanding and learning of math easier and necessary. In addition, Math Olympiads students have participated in national monthly contests.

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    Denton Avenue celebrated Earth Day with the Town of North Hempstead Councilman Peter Zuckerman. Students donned T-shirts and decorated visors conveying the Earth Day theme for 2016 - Trees for the Earth. The children sang Happy Birthday to the Earth and shared the things they do in their homes and school to protect planet Earth.
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    Dr. Celano Shares a Good Story with Third Graders

    Dr. Celano came to read to Mrs. DiOrio's third grade class. He read a fable titled Ant and Grasshopper by Luli Gray. The students were excited to answer his questions, learn about the moral of the story and discuss all elements of a fable with Dr. Celano.


    5/6 Drama Production - Large APR - 7 p.m.

    5/17 Budget Vote - Community Center 7:00 a.m. - 10 p.m.

    5/11 Spring Concert - Orchestra and 5th Gr. Chorus - 7 p.m.

    5/18 Spring Concert - Band and 4th Gr. Chorus

    5/ 27 Elementary Track & Field Day Gr. 4 &5