Making an Online Quilt

By Camden Bohager

Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn is one of the coolest cities i have been to. it has a large variety of people, food, and entertainment. It shows me what big cities can be all about, with the bright lights and all of the tall buildings. i have visited there many times and every time there is always something new to do. I believe that Brooklyn is one of the coolest cities in the world.

Miami Heat

an American Basketball team for the National Basketball Association. Which is located in South Florida and in one of the Largest cities in America. Also is my favorite team for basketball also it being my favorite sport. I've only have been to one Miami Heat game but when i was there it was so much fun. The crowd there was electric so much cheering and the food at the stadium was fantastic. I can't wait to go back again

Los Angeles California

another unique city but is very different in a lot of ways compared to lets say Brooklyn or Manhattan. Like Brooklyn or Manhattan LA is a very large city but that's where the similarities stop there. where Brooklyn is based on appearance and making money and stock markets LA is based on the beach and having a good time as in legalizing Marijuana or putting up more basketball courts on the beach and dreads are a big thing. even though California is a very expensive state the food is delicious it also has a great variety of food.

Tommy Boy

One of the best movies (to me) of all time. it is more of a childish kind of humor. Well Tommy is the only one that is funny of the childish variety but hes still hilarious. Also being my favorite movie it allows me to reflect back on how I used to act as a person its a great family movie and can be a great accomplishment if you have seen it. it is a classic movie that should be seen by ever living person, animal, or inanimate object.

Baltimore Ravens

An American football team who plays for National Football League. It is also my favorite football team located in Baltimore Maryland. my family is originally from Maryland so i have to keep ties with my roots i also have only been to one Ravens game but it was one of the loudest games i have been to everyone was screaming at the top of there lounges even though it was 15 degrees it showed me that people can unite together of the simplistic things as a football team so what is the difference between a football team and tring to solve the worlds problems and uniting for those reasons. but it was such an amazing game we crushed and i mean crushed the New York Jets